May long Weekend Long Distance Ride….Sunday….am I crazy or what???

Hi Guys and Gals,

There has been a request from some of the members that it is time for a “long” ride. The weather looks good in the interior of BC for the weekend, so I am proposing a ride on Sunday – the Motorcycle Museum just past Sorrento will be open from noon till 4:00PM. What say we ride up the Coquihalla to Merritt, 5A to Kamloops, then HWY 1 to Sorrento to pay a visit then meander home down through the Okanagan and the Hope/Princeton? Mileage wise it will be around 1000 kms, a good 12 -14 hour day.

If anyone is truly interested, let me know and a start location and time will be set. Lets stretch out those riding legs and let our ‘Wings go for a burn… LOL

Since this is a long weekend, the traffic coming home on Sunday evening shouldn’t be too bad….

Send me an email if interested or just to chew me out for such a crazy idea….

Dave Ward

Chapter Director,