Hi Everybody,

As you know, our District Director, Kevin Bramhoff, stepped down last month and we are in the hunt for a new DD. In the meantime, Jere Goodman, Director of GWRRA, has stepped in as temporary DD and I will stay on as the Assistant District Director. Amarjit Dhadwar has stepped forward to be considered for the role of District Director. Jere makes the final decision on this. He has requested that Amarjit be appointed as Assistant Chapter Director for Chapter BC-A until such time as he can become acquainted with the GWRRA programs and procedures involved in becoming DD. We have all agreed to this as the stepping stone Amarjit needs to move into the District Director position in the near future.

Please welcome Amarjit into the Chapter team. He will also be included in all district business to help him come up to speed as quickly as possible.

Dave Ward

Assistant District Director