Chapter Update….

Hi Everybody,

After two days of riding this past weekend, I have thawed out a bit… Saturday was actually a nice sunny day, but Sunday, the fog refused to clear and 11 of us were stuck riding in damp, cold weather all day. Wayne Swingle missed the ferry from Bowen Island but still managed to catch up to us later in the ride. That’s dedication! Any day out riding is still better than the best day at work, or so I am told. Lots of members are now starting to turn up for our weekend rides from Tim Hortons on Glenlyon Parkway. Thank you to you all for coming out and participating.

We have a couple of changes in the makeup of the group:

  1. A new assistant chapter director – Amarjit Dhadwar. He has been an active member of our chapter for several years now. He is a performing member of the BC Motorcycle Drill Team, and owns 2 Gold Wings! Some of you might be confused as he was on his white one at the Christmas party and yesterday he was on his yellow one. I assure you, it is the same person! If he has his way, there may be a red one for Valentines day and a purple one for Easter. Do not encourage him!
  1. Please join me in welcoming Brad Harris to the group. He recently purchased a new to him Gold Wing and mentioned it on a Facebook page. That’s all it took….the rest is history…. He joined our zoom last week! We look forward to meeting him and his co-rider in person and riding with them in the very near future.

Coming up at the end of February – the 26th – we are planning our annual chapter silent auction. If you have anything hanging around at home or in your garage that you would like to donate, hang on to it! Presently we are going ahead with this event, but because of current pandemic restrictions, we may not be able to hold it. We are optimistic that any restrictions will be reduced in the next month enabling us to go ahead. Updates will be forthcoming in future emails. Thank you to Chuck Taylor for hosting this event and for Kelly Parkes for organizing it.

Dave and Giselle

Chapter Directors,